I don’t use fact checkers! Facts are all part of the liberal agenda of the MSM!!!

The internet is an interesting place. Just last week, a loon I know proudly identified a quote as being wrongfully attributed to Pope Francis. It was one of those awkward attempts at a viral pic that’s so obviously out-of-character for the alleged speaker that you wonder why anyone would think it were true in the first place. But, apparently it was taken seriously enough to get thousands of shares. Not by this loon, though! She shared it only to make a point about not sharing it (o.0). She claimed that she used snopes.com to learn about the history of this falsely attributed quote and expressed a sincere hope that people will check things before mindlessly sharing them.

Start us off on the cringe waterfall, Reza.

Start us off on the cringe waterfall, Reza.

It was the most meta fucking thing. I stared and blinked at the screen and thought surely she was making a tongue-in-cheek joke at her own expense. This was a sarcastic charade, right? I realized, though, that someone in her position would never have a reason to joke about it. She’s the kind of person who shares Hitler/Obama memes. She shares effortlessly debunked nonsense on the daily right alongside odes to the gun lobby that are so twisted in their premise that you have to wonder if she’s ever been pro-life (particularly since U.S. toddlers shoot themselves, siblings, or parents every single day). ….The kind of person who shares chain emails and takes ten minutes to type things like, If this is true, then shame on {….} instead of taking the three seconds to just google it. ….The kind of person who will join any and all bandwagons that put her positions on pedestals regardless of the ethics of such a movement (e.g., Who cares if the KKK are the leaders of this movement?). ….The kind of person whose political positions share more in common with religious beliefs because they (1) are not naturally developed but taught, (2) must be respected as an equal to any other position regardless of the factual merits, research, or careful consideration of those positions, and (3) are recklessly held in the face of any and all evidence to the contrary. ….The kind of person who is almost unintelligible in any communication channel (in person, print, or computer) but who will proudly proclaim that one of the most rational, careful, and well spoken leaders of the decade is a “moran” (sic) because he thinks bombing other cultures back to the Stone Age isn’t a successful long term foreign policy. THIS person would like you to please kindly snope before you dope.


Dear loon,

Thank you for debunking the erroneous Pope Francis quote among your friend circle. You have done important societal detective work today, but I’m actually very disappointed to hear that you know what snopes is; that you’re aware, at least in a minimal and elementary way, that fact-checking bodies exist on the internet. Perhaps you can’t name any others, but you know of and have used at least one. How, then, do you explain the last three years of prolific and unconscionably false, inflammatory shares, posts, and comments on the internet? Before this admission, you were just a proudly ignorant loon, happy to hide in a bubble of your own experiences and privileges at the expense of others. Now you have outted yourself as doing so with knowledge of fact-checkers and that you choose to be this way on purpose. That is far, far worse. I didn’t realize there was a bar even lower for you to reach for, but you found it.

One more for the road.

considering the subject matter, ironic Clint gif FTW!

considering the subject matter, ironic Clint gif FTW!

GOP Debate Bingo, Episode II: The Failsauce Ignites and Lights California’s Forests on Fire

Ladies and gents, if you don’t suffer from anxiety and have nothing better to do at 8pm EST (or even 6pm EST for the happy hour edition), why not enjoy round 2 of the GOP debates on CNN? Here’s a bingo card with which to entertain yourselves.


Huckabee On The Campaign Fail–I mean Trail

At the next debate I will expect questions to Gov Huckabee on 1) why the supreme law of the land need only be followed if you’re in the mood, 2) why his platform for president is now essentially “Do whatever you feel in your fee-fees,” and 3) Why he felt it a more pressing call from his commander in chief (God) to help his human flock by making public appearances with first-world-problems rep Kim Davis instead of lobbying overseas and/or our current administration about the millions of dying, misplaced Syrian residents.

If a pastor thinks he should be running a secular government and by definition conflicting church and state, I damn well expect him to –at bare minimum– be capable of following his own religion.

In advance of Thursday, I bring you GOP Debate Bingo

Don’t be afraid. Let the tomfoolery flow though you. Let it give you sustenance as you mark the debate progress with stickers on this custom debate bingo card. And “God Bless America.”

The Exclusive, Firm, and Final Proof Jon Snow is Alive We’ve All Been Waiting For







Ladies and gents, this is the one! ALERT, ALERT! This is the moment we’ve all been crying for: exclusive paprazzi footage from the set of Game of Thrones in Belfast! Enough will he, won’t he with the Wimbledon hair, you guys. THE TRUTH IS HERE! Spoiler clip below the fold. Don’t kill me, HBO, I’m just a messenger!

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Reviewing Other People’s Documents

When PhDs decades above my pay grade send me documents to review that are riddled with text errors and grammatical snafus and then feel slighted and get reactionary when I send it back to them all marked up.

…And then they send me more embarrassing documents the following week.


Oh, Florida.


Enslaved Africans made up 44% of Florida’s population by the Civil War, and in its aftermath a fifth of the black community fled due to systemic lynchings and racial violence, barred from even working in society. This reality was so widespread and pervasive in post-confederate spaces that it inspired “The Great Migration” without any phones or social media with which to organize it.

But sure, white people. Your Fox News ideology about things that don’t affect your day-to-day experiences whatsoever is more important than the abhorrent legacy that symbol engenders for millions of black Americans. Carry on.

Once again, the line that separates 21st century conservatives from progressives is painted to be basic human empathy and an ability to imagine anyone’s circumstances but their own. The smugness will backfire when their grandchildren visibly recoil at their stories someday.

Goku is disappointed in you.

Goku is disappointed in you.

When the Internet Strikes

That moment when someone comments on your Facebook factoids specifically to start a fight and politely gets truthbombed back to the Stone Age… and then deletes her FB in a pouty rage because she didn’t expect to be called out for her pernicious bullshit. “Why can’t I spout harmful propaganda that I heard third-hand from a chain letter that my racist uncle sent someone without being oppressed and my freedom of speech trampled by know-it-all academics?!”

I hold that most of the time if you genuinely want to know about a subject, you’ll take the fifteen seconds to look it up rather than compose three haughty paragraphs of sociocentric nonsense. But then again, I’m just an academic.


Eff you, Facebook.


This is not what I had in mind when I wrote about women taking initiatives.

Return to Nature: A Childhood Fantasy


I just started watching the final season of Inu Yasha on amazon. This show brought so much natural beauty, vibrant colors, and downright fabulous fabrics into my anime repertoire, not to mention the fictional mancandy who was ready and willing to receive my blossoming female gaze. This was one of those series that I reveled in during youth, bought the plushies and other gear at conventions, and even wrote fanfic. But like most fandoms, I lost touch with it in college. Inu Yasha was important to my youth in many ways, one of those being a bonding opportunity for my brother and I. With six years’ difference, opposing gender perspectives, and a vast landscape of traditional religious repression separating us, we had few places wherein to connect. Saturday night anime was one of those places.

But my family relationships are for another post, another time. What I want to talk about right now are the environmental aspects of the show and what it means directly for my nostalgia as I watch it today. Although it has its own beauty that easily stands alone, Inu Yasha speaks to me so much for the nostalgia factor. This show had its own kind of feminism going on, one which I didn’t fully understand but I at least acknowledged. There was Sango, a mighty warrior who hunted down her enemies and took no prisoners. There was Kikyo, a protector of nature and order who dealt vengeance like the BAMF that she is, not afraid to send an arrow through her own lover’s heart when she was wronged. Then there was Kagome, a like-minded teen lethargic with modern life and who secretly wanted to escape to a time before the modern hubbub, conventions, global conglomerate, and CO2. In the story, this reality is thrust upon her more as a genealogical inevitability, but of course I infused my own traits into my interpretation of her character.


I call that time the “Lord of the Rings years” because my mindscapes looked more like Rivendell than they did Maryland, USA, and this feudal fantasy-Japan anime fit the pre-technology paradigm for those years too. These were years where I was deeply disillusioned with modern life (as rebellious children desperate for autonomy and feeling emotionally, culturally, spiritually, and sexually repressed by a household whose values they don’t share are wont to be), and thus fell into depression. Blog posts on being an ultra-liberal, atheist, sexually open, feminist hippy in an opposing household are a dime a dozen, the emotional effects of which are almost cliche in their universality. So, no need to tread those grounds. Instead, I’ll discuss the avenue I personally chose: fantasy. Novels, fanfic, TV, movies, and my own imagination.

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Anxiety Illustrated


Institute for Creation Research: It Exists (Sort of) and Is Everything I Hoped It Would Be

I just learned there is something called the Institute for Creation Research, a place where one might be tempted to assume research takes place since it’s in the name (until one remembers that it’s about creationism). Here’s one attendee’s anticlimactic account of his visit:

I know there is a lot of… scientific evidence — we are here at the Institute for Creation Research — and there is a lot of, really, all science, it just points to the validation of the Genesis account.

My morbid curiosity took over, and I had to learn more about this place where science goes to die. As the boy says, there must be research because “research” is in the name! Is this like one of those pregnancy crisis centers that provide counsel on neither crisis nor pregnancies? What does this creation research look like? Do they sit around a table and read the bible together? Do they have tea with the pope and discuss his information conduit to Jesus, wherein Jesus shares all sorts of factoids? Tell me more! I want to dance through the Sistine Chapel and shout “peer reviewed articles” and “Genesis!”


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My name is Mary

Sunday is Games of Thrones Night: Feelings Conveyed Through Charts

SANSA! Listen, girl, I have some qualms. Do you NOT recall the decision tree?


Littlefinger1 Littlefinger2 Littlefinger3

Age of Ultron, Its Wins and Its Flaws

As with the first Avengers, Ultron is all about the entertaining little things:

  • Bruce Banner and his beats by dre
  • Trontasha on her troncycle
  • Drunk Avengers having a sleepover at headquarters
  • Samuel L Jackson’s multimillion dollar cameo at the farmhouse just to tell them how much they suck at being Avengers
  • The “lullaby”
  • No one wearing body armor and then getting shot, like of course you got shot, you’re wearing a muscle tee!
  • Trontasha literally riding a cryotube through midair into the back of a plane
  • Hawkeye immediately carving a rocking chair and pulling up plywood when he gets home, like calm down a sec, your friends are over and you just lost a big fight. Take a nap maybe.
  • The balls of saying this scene takes place “off the African coast” like that doesn’t make up the entire circumference of the world in square mileage.
  • Vision. Just…. Vision. (eep!)


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