Validating Annoying Jogging Girls Everywhere

Part of the circuit

In the Spring of 2012 (cue Olympics theme) a motivational paragon of a flatmate persuaded me to run a 5k while bystanders threw magical colored elf dust at me. The Color Run is coming to Washington, D.C., and I’m scheduled to be a victim. All in all, 3 miles is not so horrible, but the fact is that I have never been a runner.

To train up…. Fortuitously there is a jogging path a few minutes behind my apartment complex (although it’s surrounded by delicious restaurants…. such temptation). Circled by trees, populated park, dragon-shaped paddle boats, and baby geese, this around-the-lake jogging path is perfect for initial training. The only drawback is the necessity of weaving in and out of slow-moving family crowds on weekends…. Just last night I had to artfully sidestep a gaggle of asian tourists toting three strollers and Nikons, only to nearly barrel into a sweet Slavic couple rambling the other direction.

Beginning a jogging circuit was easier than I anticipated likely due to months and months of on-and-off-again gym habits. While elliptical and spin bike exercises do not wholly transfer over to jogging, they at least gave me sufficient respiratory and leg muscle benefits allowing me to train up quicker. My jog circuit swiftly improved to 2 laps (with a small break) within a week of beginning. This area allowed for people-watching, dog petting, baby geese admiring, and the overall admiration of beautiful nature in Spring. I even enjoyed listening to the cacophony of all the restaurant plate chinking and chatter (there are ~ 13 restaurants I pass on the circuit, all with outdoor seating), outdoor music, and bird chirping. I found that those perks led to my improved desire to go exercise, knowing that it would be enjoyable for all my senses. In contrast to dreadeding the droll, rubber-smelling gym with a possible sports game or Seinfeld episode on TV, I much preferred the motivational outdoors at dusk.

I have three months to go before the 5k run date and a long way to go physically, but the circuits are getting easier and faster. In closing…. before there was Rocky there was simply Sylvester.

Update 8/2/2012: I am up to 3 miles with a short break between miles 2 and 3! Woe are my ankles, happy are my muffintops…..

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