Summer of Shards: the next great fantasy novel

A beautiful summer rewarded Marylanders this year for putting up with a foul, uneventful winter. The weather was perfect for weekend projects in the open air. This grout a blue glass mosaic on it.

I began my project by covering the entire table in several coats of white wood paint. When it dried I sat myself in the living room–basking in the summer air blowing in from the patio–and shotgunned season 1 of ‘Pretty Little Liars” with @Danielle. There’s something about morbid teen drama and illegal teacher-student romance that begs you to be doing something else while you watch. For patterns, I debated between a blue glass tribute to the golden ratio or what I ultimately chose, random placement. Random was easier ( I could say 1.618x easier…..gfaw! I crack myself up), required no measuring, and most importantly required precisely the proportion of blue to white glass that was already in my possession. I might regret choosing the road more traveled later…. but that’s later.

This was my first experience using both glass shards and grout, but trial and error prevailed. For example: when I leaked grout onto my sealant brush, half of my sealed glass shards developed a milky overlay that I had to scrape off each shard. Oi vey. However, I suppose the project’s drawn out and difficult challenges make me truly appreciate the result (and also vow never to do it again). I’m also finding random secondary uses for my leftover grout. For example, I can use it to fill a hole in my Styrofoam skull Halloween decoration.

Amazingly, the surface is flat enough for safely setting full mugs and glasses. Upon this revelation I took up a Braveheart-esque posture and shout of triumph, for the day was won, and the grout virgin had conquered. Behold!


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