The Dr. Frankenstein Manfriend’s Monster Lives!

Many know that I used to moonlight as a web designer. In early 2012, when the horn of Gondor called me to grad school, a lot of hobbies went to the wayside—chiefly music making and my website business. I ceased my advertising and refused new clients, finally dwindling my monthly work tabs down to a few long term folks.

But when my manfriend approached the topic of a website for his artistic outlets, I couldn’t refuse. You know how it goes when your honey asks you for something: the ability to say no suddenly dissipates and your tongue just waggles out words of consent. My manfriend in particular has the critical attention to detail that talented people often have, and so the idea of spending forty or fifty hours going through rendition after rendition made me anxious and eye-rolly. I mean this as a compliment – no one wants to work for a perfectionist, especially one with good taste and an eye for design (talented people are the worst! *shakes fist*) It’s too much pressure. Combine that with the fact that he’s my beau, and one begins to smell a relationship disasterplate, with a side of “Of course it looks nice, babe, but….”

And so a partnership was born. He designed what he wanted in Photoshop on his own time, and I coded it up in the happy land of objectivity as a disinterested third-party. It was a fantastic, clean solution to what could have been a messy journey. The results are ongoing, but our website child is below:

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