Tithing vs. Charity

Something in particular is irritating me today: Romney apologists conflating his church tithing with “giving to charity”. Tithing to a large church organization to finance its infrastructure, salaries, decor, lobbying efforts, ministry costs (i.e. room/board for every member to recruit for a couple years), etc…. is not charity. He surely does additionally donate to charities, but please calculate that total separately to be respectful to truly charitable organizations. “He tithes such and such to the Church of LDS, and then additionally donates this quantity to these charities.” Churches of all faiths typically include charitable work in their budgets, but it’s secondary to their primary functions: holding services and recruiting members.

The folks conflating these two tend also to be Christian, and so I understand that they have a personal stake in calling it charity because they want to believe that their church donations buy food for the homeless instead of Sunday’s fresh azaleas. However, I’d like to draw additional criticism to that perspective as my counterargument: would those people still call it charity if Romney were Muslim, and that money went instead to a series of mosques? I guarantee the answer would be no, and further, he would be investigated to find out precisely what mosque expenditures that money went towards, and then he would be irrevocably tied to those items. In reality, a large chunk of Romney’s money went to lobbying for the anti-gay Proposition 8 legislation and subsequent court proceedings. Where’s that news coverage?

Investigative journalism is dead, and instead the closest thing to critical news I have on CNN is a body language expert providing an hour’s worth of feedback on debates that undecided voters weren’t even watching. In related news, I met my first undecided voter a few weeks ago–I was convinced they were a myth! But no, oh did I meet one. Yes. …..In fact, she seemed interested. She asked me who was running.


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