Response to the Republican unrest this morning RE: 4 more years

Another “wake up” article is linked below, although folks who want to call him a socialist already (clearly) don’t care about politics enough to know what the word means….  The only long-running “socialist” programs we have–Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and welfare–POTUS offered cuts to during the debt-ceiling talks (real socialist of him, eh?). Boehner didn’t accept the cuts because they’d make Obama look responsible. Instead, he rallied the troops to stonewall jobs bills, obstruct equal pay bills, deny budget requirements and get our AAA bond rating reduced, and essentially deny any bill that would assist recovery (even if it was written by Republicans) in favor of pursuing 90 ways to restrict contraception and ignoring the jobs agenda that got them elected. Along the same vein of WTF: Ryan mirrored Obama’s $700 billion savings from PPACA in his own budget proposal, but then disavowed his stance once Obama adopted it for the PPACA and just recently campaigned against PPACA’s medicare cuts while simultaneously accusing Obama of too much spending. Come again?!

If you don’t follow the theater that is Congress, I kindly request you cease having strong opinions on it, because an uninformed opinion is a dangerous one. If you’d like to express dismay about the election results, you should definitely do so. But please, for the sake of your dignity, give an accurate reason. There’s plenty you can be disappointed about–you don’t have to make something up or regurgitate untrue campaign slogans. You can pick a bill and let us know why you opposed it, or pick a goal he didn’t meet and why it was important to you that he met it. Or you can let folks know where the PPACA fell short for your needs. But making up shit or attributing Bush spending to him? Please no. Be a responsible constituent–the kind of citizen you boasted of being by nature of voting Republican–and don’t purposely share false information.

“Yes, Obama imposed an individual mandate to buy health insurance…..You know where the idea came from? The Heritage Foundation. Personal responsibility—insisting that people carry private insurance so we don’t have to bail them out in emergency rooms and hospitals—was a Republican idea. Same with Wall Street reform: There’s nothing conservative about letting financial institutions gamble with other people’s money in ways that would force us to bail them out again. Even Obama’s cap-and-trade proposal echoed the market-based emissions-control policies of the 1990 Bush administration and the 2008 McCain campaign.” –

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