Halloween 2012 Recap and Crafting Bragathon

Halloween 2012 has come and gone! Halloween is most definitely my favorite crafting season. Everything is more sinister, more party-centric, and more exciting. It’s not too cold outside to run amok in frills and gills, which—for one night of the year at least—is not frowned upon! Aside from trick-or-treating (which I can’t do because I’m a childless twentysomething, and apparently it’s creepy and predatory when adults do it), there are the outdoor alcohol-induced party games; the bar crawls; the haunted mazes, houses, and forests; the Halloween lawn drink-a-thon at my alma mater….  Halloween lives and breathes the fall air. Crunch those leaves. Shiver in the darker evenings. Look back at those bare branches and make sure there’s nothing in them….  Hey, was that a motherfucking bat?! Yes, yes it was! I love looking for my first bat of the season. As soon as evenings begins to darken earlier it’s as though my bat radar turns on. My only regret about Halloween this year is that I lollygagged for all of November instead of posting my Samhain season adventures immediately.

1. Macabre Bottling

I love both glass and Halloween. So, obviously, I should put Halloween things inside of glass….

My favorite characters in old era fiction are the witches, potion vendors, apothecaries, mambos, etc.; the people that lay-folk just don’t understand and who enthrall masses with mysterious methodologies. I wanted to center my Halloween experience this year around those mysteries and went to work creating my own spell/remedy components. This craft undertaking primed my “witch’s cabinet” for 2012.

I’d like to build on that base and advance to creating faux remedies next year. For example, a cure for lycanthropy and other reverse-effect “enchanted” items with customized instruction labels from Photoshop. Of course I’ll also want to expand my raw materials and construct interesting things like fish eggs, newt eyes, severed hands, mermaid scales, etc., and finally begin create a small poisons collection. But those are ambitions for 2013….

All of these can be found in my snazzy new Etsy store:

2. Labels for Sale

I designed the majority of the labels used for my magick supplies above, and then my manfriend contributed the rest by special request a) because he’s very creative and b) because I found myself stretched thin for time at the end of October. Craftsters on Etsy have had luck selling Halloween labels, but I didn’t think mine would sell well. Mine were very specific to the items and therefore nontransferable for mass consumption. I also fu-barred (no forward thinking!) by making them low-res and sized specifically small for my items. That’s when I decided to create blank printables with an antique paper feel, and then folks could have a broader range of use with the ability to add their own text. I tinted the edges for that old paper look.

But there’s always a market for specific Halloween labels, too. They just need to be generic enough for a wide audience. Beverages are a party must-have, so why not theme them appropriately? Halloween stores touch on this a bit, but the options aren’t nearly interesting or fancy enough. As a heavy meade house (also a mad house), I had to do a meade label. The others are fun for wine bottles and 2 liter sodas.

Printables available in the Etsy store ^_^.

3. Party Prep

Did Matt and I go overboard with webbing the apartment? Retract that question, sir. The correct remark is that there’s never enough webbing at a Halloween party! The mantle was lined up with my magick supplies, tea candles, and a silver skull. The mini bar was webbed and lit by a red lamp. We filled a cauldron with hard cider and offered 2 kinds of meade to combine to make ultimate beestings! The meade was courtesy of 1) Matt for painstakingly brewing it two weeks in advance and 2) BeeFolks for supplying the spiced DIY kits.

Veteran’s Tip: The black webbing is spooky in theory. It might even look fabulous in your head. But I bought three different brands of black webbing, and they all looked terrible in application. Stick with the essentials: white webs with hot glue-gunned spiders! If you’re going for cracked-out rave party, even the glow-in-the-dark white. But for the love of bat guano, do not buy the black webbing under any circumstance. Our walls looked like a panther puked up black furballs before I tore it down and replaced with white.

Until next Halloween!

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