Frootcamp: Week 1, Apple

In anticipation I technically started Frootcamp during the final week of 2012 to get a head start. Apples aren’t so arduous an ingestion as I anticipate the other fruits to be, but still obnoxious enough to complain about. First of all, it’s not apple season, and so these pups are expensive. Secondly, they are not filling whatsoever. I suppose the same can be said for all fruits…. Has a fruit ever made you feel full? Has it even contributed to your feelings of satisfaction after a lunch? I’m certainly not experiencing that.

Two good things about apples: variety and their baking potential. So far this week I’ve had two galas, a green, and then another gala. If this were autumn I’d throw in a honeycrisp, as I hear those are the best. Interesting factoid: this apple week is not so arduous for a third reason. I actually took up apples last fall in an effort to eat healthier during my gym’scapades. In that time I tried both honeycrisps and galas and dealt with them frequently. Eating apples was actually one of the pushes to inspire this 2013 undertaking. In my youth my mother made apple pies, dumplings, and crisps. I engaged in the dessert ritual of smothering them with brown sugar and oatmeal. Eating them raw currently is not difficult per se due to my history with apples, but it’s still a chore. Maybe by the end of the week my opinion will change…… Here’s to hoping!

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