When dilly dallying on your computer at a new Starbucks, do you ever feel like you’re cheating on your normal spots? Somewhere 30 miles away there is a barista wondering where I am today, with a register that has 6 less dollars in it because I took my business elsewhere purely by chance. 30 miles away a wifi is struggling less because my superfluous file downloading and inconvenient streaming isn’t straining it and ruining everyone else’s evening. *shrug*

The reason I’m even giving it thought is because sitting in this particular one makes me feel awkward and nostalgic. 7 years ago I applied to be a barista here, young and cocky, fresh from my 9 month stint as a barista elsewhere and sure that I would be selected because of it. But, as life would have it, I never got a call back. When I ran into the manager again that summer by chance, I, in my most awkward verbal vomit, rubbed it in her face that someone else had hired me–as though she had somehow missed out on this near identical copy of a progressive, 19 year old pseudo barista (they are in fact a dime a dozen). She then told my manager about the incident, because, who wouldn’t? I was a subordinate who was acting out of turn to a manager at a different store. Ah, to be 19 and sure of one’s self. Well, here I am, back at where I started that nascent summer, but with my own apartment, a life, a partner, and a cashflow. One could say I’ve come up in the world, but I might not. I still can’t be relied upon to avoid verbal vomiting to someone important in a pinch. I do it almost daily. Surely I’ve reduced the frequency, but it still happens. My filter is older but not really wiser.

That’s enough self indulgent moroseness for now….


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