The Marriage Subtext

“If anything, sex is less commodified now than when my great-grandparents were courting. Before divorce; before reliable, effective birth control; before women’s advancements into the higher levels of the workforce; marriage was ALL about economics. Now that women are able to leave abusive and unhappy relationships, support themselves financially, and choose when/if to have children, we don’t need marriage anymore. It’s no longer an economic imperative, which means that people are free to be choosy about who they marry. So you’re damn right marriage rates are dropping and people are marrying later. It’s because we’re getting better at it.”

Lindy West

This right here. It’s reasonable for me to be upset that since the ripe age of 19 my family members (parents once in a while when I started “living in sin”, but mostly grandparents/uncles/aunts) ask me on the regular if I have a ring yet….. but at 26 the same people supported my brother in waiting (and encouraged him to wait much longer if he wanted to). As my 27th birthday approaches, I feel the projections growing stronger and more shameless. Here’s to another year of I feel like my body is dirty, so I’m going to ‘remind’ you that yours is too subtexts rolling off of my familial relations in waves.

Newsflash: If you think your body is dirty and created for the sole purpose of being a sin-disposal, then a magical piece of paper from the city government will never change that. Animal procreation is evil up until the arbitrary point where it’s not, am I right? I’m sure that state of mind does wonders for your self esteem as well as your marriage bed. *shrug*


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