Should be titled “Spoiled woman gets dream job only 2 years out of college and is cursed to look down on average work forever”

This morning’s bummer moment: I mused that I would talk about my real work (read: not school work) once in a while, but I’m so disillusioned by it now. No rooftop sushi cocktail-hours in Seattle, no first class bullet trains to NYC, no photos of me holding a Kodak appearing in Bill Gates’ TED Talk camtasia slides. “Pfft. Write a training script? How dull! Where’s Bill?! I want him to ask us to build a library in Tibet and then gush about it on TED Talk.”

Now I work in the public sector, and nothing is snazzy. I had to get a Master’s Degree to liven up my professional life. What does that say about my career, that I yearn to return to spoiled intern status?

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