Pres. Obama Detractors

While I’m an Obama fan, there are certainly things to be upset about, and at the kitchen table over the years with family I time and again have wanted to scream, “There are so many things you could legitimately be upset with him over–you don’t need to make any up!”

But they do. Entire national campaigns have been built around making shit up, with the kind of criminal negligence for any international ramifications that you’d expect from a country WILLFULLY painting itself an ignorant, ticking time bomb of mouth-foaming gun hoarders who can’t pay attention long enough to vote in their own interests. An entire TV network exists to manufacture dissatisfaction in this president because he’s such a raging Republican half the time that there’s nothing the Right Wing can justly complain about. Economy? He’s done everything Gingrich and Romney promised and more! It’s a sad statement on the U.S. population and media that I’m always thrilled when an Obama detractor mentions an actual reason for their presidential disapproval. “You’re angry at him for not prosecuting Wall Street?! PRAISE JIBBERS, thank you for knowing something! Yes, that’s an excellent point, and I’m glad you feel that way.” It’s a rare event indeed, and it’s so sad that my bar has fallen that low: if someone presents a fucking fact–a reason to dislike the president that exists in this dimension–my eyes widen like I’m so impressed, and mentally I react with a knee-jerk “awww good job”, like I’m witnessing a small child use the toilet by himself for the first time. “Drones. Yes. Please be mad about drones. Absolutely, let’s discuss drone usage in nations like Pakistan.” To be so impressed by what should be one’s natural state of awareness in the so-called Information Age…. At what point do we just give up on this population?


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