Ideal Weekend, As Described By A 28-Yr-Old, Full-Time Employee and Student

Of course, I knew after college that I would never so happily and recklessly stay up until 4am every night drinking and carrying on with friends in a formidable “landscape utopia” (beach, plains, cliffs, salty air, and forests all within a mile radius). Maybe some of this can be rekindled at the weekend-long tribute to that lifestyle known as Alumni Weekend (although it is rigidly scheduled as though targeted for adults, complete with an early dinner and quiet hours *cringe*). However, I was beaming with pleasure this morning after remembering my semi-blissful weekend. What roaring event did I attend, you ask? None, actually. Let me regale you with my completed weekend itinerary:

Friday was videogames at a friend’s house, which doubled as an impromptu birthday party.

Saturday began bright and early with coffee and a drive with the windows down, followed by a highly detailed & aggressively perfect cleaning of my bedroom and bathroom. I then took an epic afternoon nap and capped off the evening with sangria and rum bread pudding out with friends at the Latin Kitchen.

Sunday was kebabs and a glass of wine before thrift shopping downtown with friends, followed by a low-key sushi dinner, a relaxing shower, and a soothing evening indoors doing my nails and watching Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country, and closed out by this week’s Game of Thrones episode.

I’m not even 30 yet. The most out of control this weekend got was my palpable excitement upon my invitation to join the Magic The Gathering night at a gaming store. It occurs to me that I have reached the point where a trip to Napa Valley followed by an early dinner excites me just as much as bar-hopping used to when I was 21. And I’m OK with that.


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2 responses to “Ideal Weekend, As Described By A 28-Yr-Old, Full-Time Employee and Student

  • aliciafaye

    I used to be a wild child back in the day myself (obvi) and I kind of mourned my party girl side a few years ago too. Not to say that I never get a little crazy (especially when tequila is involved) but I’m quieter now, calmer. But, it’s supposed to happen. Just as we put our Barbies and Tonka Trucks away (for the most part anyway ;)) we put away that wild child at whom we may shake our heads at now. It’s a little sad at first, but I cherish the quiet moments now as much as the loud ones. So, when are we going to do some porch sitting and crocheting, dear? 😉


    • Marpoo

      Yeah, sometimes I’ll do an even split with my weekend and have a raucous saturday followed by a quiet sunday in (cleaning, netflix, spa, reading, etc.). For my life right now, that’s just the right mix. Maybe a little sunday morning yoga or gardening for good measure. And that’s fine. I breathe in, realize that I have nothing to prove to anyone, and it’s fine.

      Porch! I’m camping this coming weekend, but next next weekend would be ideal if you’re bored and want another person to be not-bored with.

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