Oh, Florida.


Enslaved Africans made up 44% of Florida’s population by the Civil War, and in its aftermath a fifth of the black community fled due to systemic lynchings and racial violence, barred from even working in society. This reality was so widespread and pervasive in post-confederate spaces that it inspired “The Great Migration” without any phones or social media with which to organize it.

But sure, white people. Your Fox News ideology about things that don’t affect your day-to-day experiences whatsoever is more important than the abhorrent legacy that symbol engenders for millions of black Americans. Carry on.

Once again, the line that separates 21st century conservatives from progressives is painted to be basic human empathy and an ability to imagine anyone’s circumstances but their own. The smugness will backfire when their grandchildren visibly recoil at their stories someday.

Goku is disappointed in you.

Goku is disappointed in you.

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