I don’t use fact checkers! Facts are all part of the liberal agenda of the MSM!!!

The internet is an interesting place. Just last week, a loon I know proudly identified a quote as being wrongfully attributed to Pope Francis. It was one of those awkward attempts at a viral pic that’s so obviously out-of-character for the alleged speaker that you wonder why anyone would think it were true in the first place. But, apparently it was taken seriously enough to get thousands of shares. Not by this loon, though! She shared it only to make a point about not sharing it (o.0). She claimed that she used snopes.com to learn about the history of this falsely attributed quote and expressed a sincere hope that people will check things before mindlessly sharing them.

Start us off on the cringe waterfall, Reza.

Start us off on the cringe waterfall, Reza.

It was the most meta fucking thing. I stared and blinked at the screen and thought surely she was making a tongue-in-cheek joke at her own expense. This was a sarcastic charade, right? I realized, though, that someone in her position would never have a reason to joke about it. She’s the kind of person who shares Hitler/Obama memes. She shares effortlessly debunked nonsense on the daily right alongside odes to the gun lobby that are so twisted in their premise that you have to wonder if she’s ever been pro-life (particularly since U.S. toddlers shoot themselves, siblings, or parents every single day). ….The kind of person who shares chain emails and takes ten minutes to type things like, If this is true, then shame on {….} instead of taking the three seconds to just google it. ….The kind of person who will join any and all bandwagons that put her positions on pedestals regardless of the ethics of such a movement (e.g., Who cares if the KKK are the leaders of this movement?). ….The kind of person whose political positions share more in common with religious beliefs because they (1) are not naturally developed but taught, (2) must be respected as an equal to any other position regardless of the factual merits, research, or careful consideration of those positions, and (3) are recklessly held in the face of any and all evidence to the contrary. ….The kind of person who is almost unintelligible in any communication channel (in person, print, or computer) but who will proudly proclaim that one of the most rational, careful, and well spoken leaders of the decade is a “moran” (sic) because he thinks bombing other cultures back to the Stone Age isn’t a successful long term foreign policy. THIS person would like you to please kindly snope before you dope.


Dear loon,

Thank you for debunking the erroneous Pope Francis quote among your friend circle. You have done important societal detective work today, but I’m actually very disappointed to hear that you know what snopes is; that you’re aware, at least in a minimal and elementary way, that fact-checking bodies exist on the internet. Perhaps you can’t name any others, but you know of and have used at least one. How, then, do you explain the last three years of prolific and unconscionably false, inflammatory shares, posts, and comments on the internet? Before this admission, you were just a proudly ignorant loon, happy to hide in a bubble of your own experiences and privileges at the expense of others. Now you have outted yourself as doing so with knowledge of fact-checkers and that you choose to be this way on purpose. That is far, far worse. I didn’t realize there was a bar even lower for you to reach for, but you found it.

One more for the road.

considering the subject matter, ironic Clint gif FTW!

considering the subject matter, ironic Clint gif FTW!

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