A Day in My Elective Course: Bros Who Might Identify As “Post-Feminist”

Sociology classes are just as interesting for the people-watching as they are for the substantive learning. A woman put forward her research topic today drilling into previous research done on the orgasm gap. This topic asks, for what quantifiable reasons could women orgasm less and in what circumstances (self-reported ratings of pleasure received, physical acts, situational circumstances, relationship status, etc….). This research comes from thousands of interviews and multiple studies on the topic. She was interested in some of the results in particular and doing some further analysis.

However, at the end of her presentation when asked why the content didn’t include any info on mens orgasms, the presenter had to explain, “Well, the understanding is that men do or expect to orgasm every time, and women as a group experience what’s called the orgasm gap where they do not orgasm every time there’s intercourse–not even close, statistically, ….. which is topic of this research, so….” The facepalming was so hardcore, and she was a champ for attempting.

But I’m not shitting you: He continued. The only guy in the class went on to suggest that men’s reports on these topics should be included in the research, you guys. Because whether a guy orgasms 98% of the time or 100% of the time could somehow make a statistical difference in women’s outcomes.

Even in a sociology class women cannot discuss women’s issues without a Koolaid Man breaking through the drywall and suggesting the problem is we’re not considering the men’z data. Broseph….. You should be studying these tables the most! Learn a thing or two for your girl!

// Cue the #notallgradstudents//


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