The Epidemic of Kink Culture Envy

I’m so over people feeling the need to wedge in “kinky” as a definitive part of their identity, especially when there’s no indication of kink in a three mile radius of their personality. When did kinky become a synonym for simply enjoying sex? Has our already pseudo-puritanical American culture backslid into complete Mormon nightgown territory when it comes to sex? And, why is it such a strain on the human psyche to consider one’s self to be sexually adequate and ordinary? Do people really need to co-opt the lifestyle terms of the peculiarΒ just to feel desirable? It’s sad that more people would comp to being vanilla if it were rebranded as a vein of kink. Drop in those four letters (“BDSM”), and watch them cream in the glow of their sexual uniqueness (although when prompted to explain, they won’t be able to pinpoint a particular inclination for anything that might fall under those four categories.)


What’s dull work is estimating exactly how awful men are going to be at sex by how frequently they mention they’re “kinky” or “alternative”. Okay great, bro. You can’t get it up for me if your life depended on it, and you’re super into buttstuff. You’re not kinky. You’re just gay. You are a gay man.

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