Week 1 on Bumble

It had been over a year, so Cyan convinced me to download an app and try again. Ehhhh. Okay. What harm can it do?

So, let’s say I’m a man on a dating site. From a week on bumble, I deduce I am either a medical sales rep or a financial adviser, but either way I definitely have a pic of myself at machu picchu.  (Seriously, every fourth swipe has one. Where do they get the money? I have to drive Lyft every night if I want to buy groceries.)

Here are the other pics on my hypothetical dude pages.

hip mike/john, works in tech:

  • posing next to my dog (why does every man in their thirties have a dog? I can smell the wet dog wafting from your photostream because I KNOW you don’t bathe him/her every week. Never met a man who could even keep up with his own trash and dishes, much less bathe his pet on a schedule.)
  • holding a child that makes you think boy he has that hot dad look and then “NIECE/NEPHEW” in the comments that promises you won’t be a homewrecker

financier chad, venture capitalist or broker

  • on another mountain that’s NOT machu picchu (okay but I like the mountain ones :D)
  • at dinner with my ex cropped out (I like these too because the food always looks good. Moar food pics!)
  • next to my more attractive friend (who’s your friend? Is he on here?)

trashy jake, loves freedom and women with tats

  • with my favorite sports team jersey
  • in my bathroom mirror
  • holding a dead fish next to my head
  • posing with my guns

Stepping back from the satire for a moment, real talk: I am getting suspicious of the men of Bumble. Many of them are incredibly hot–like, stop swiping and just make noises with your teeth levels of hot. So, I’m wondering what the hell is wrong with them that they’re on here swiping for strangers. Chauvinists? Narcissists? Chronic bad breath? A persistent lisp? Racist? Generally intolerable IRL? Why can’t they find love without algorithms? I’m swiping their tight asses and topknots, to be sure. But….. the grains of salt I’m collecting along the way could season a Thanksgiving dinner. Update: I figured out why they are undateable: crippling self-esteem problems. It’s dick pic city out here. Y’all, this is not how you talk to women 😂 (Also, to the giant viking dudes, we know what it’s going to look like. On top of rude it’s just completely redundant.)

P.S. – Leave comments with egregious stereotypes of women’s profiles; I would love to read them! This is an equal-opportunity shaming thread 😂 


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