God’s Plan(s)

Religious people’s tenants are so callously hurtful to each other, and they don’t even acknowledge it. To push that god answers prayers and you have to believe in him for great things to happen is so vicious towards those who have prayed and lost loved ones anyway. God picking winners and losers based on an invisible set of standards we just don’t understand means that putting in the work to worship such a god is a complete lottery. And what a slap in the face to the people whose hands you shake “in peace” across pews: that your victories are miracles/blessings from god while their suffering is just “shit happens” that he didn’t see fit to ease. Misery, famine, rape, brutality of all kinds… allowed to happen through some plan that requires you to sit back and say Thank You while a handful are divinely rescued from it. Yeah, the christian god sounds like a complete dick. Cosmic lawlessness (e.g. atheism) is leaps and bounds more principled (and in fact, ethical) since it cuts out the concept of a power who discriminates on grounds other than moral ones–a concept that can only be described as evil.

The Universe is blind to our sorrows and indifferent to our pains.

Have a nice day!— Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson) April 3, 2019

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