The Gender Parity of Naughty Pics

I’m reading this ongoing story about a female teacher whose topless photo (shared privately multiple years ago with her ex, another teacher in the district) has been shared by her students, and who has now been fired. Amazing that instead of pursuing the obvious avenue of revenge porn, now rightfully outlawed by places like New York, she has to pursue a gender parity lawsuit because she and her attorneys know that going after the exposure itself will lose–that in this day and age a judge still believes it’s not the fault of the ex who distributes the photo (and to minors, no less! A felony itself that isn’t even on the table), but the fault of the woman who takes it in good faith for a partner. We’re in this sad reality where if a woman takes a single sexy photo in the privacy of a relationship, she can never expect to reasonably live her life without it coming back to haunt her because men can’t be trusted to honor a goddamned thing.

Meanwhile, men take dick pics ad nauseum. The dick:accountability ratio is hella low. Dudes share dick pics with women they don’t even know; with women who don’t even want them! You’d think with this precedent that sharing salacious photos–an act so pervasive and ubiquitous by men in modern culture– that it can’t be THAT risky. Hell, Anthony Weiner KEPT dick pic’ing strange women even after the first scandal, and he wasn’t even punished until he was finally caught doing it to a minor. But a woman trusts a partner who goes on to betray that trust years later, and it’s “stupid bitch should have known better”.

You REALLY think this is equivalent?

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