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Facebook Ads Strike Again

Today in “Facebook ads that know me better than I know myself”, we have my two fashions: bondage gear and fellowship garb.

Bad Habits

I’ve pulled enough all-nighters at work to know the exact moment I’ll be kicked off the server for it’s nightly backup routine (4:48) for approximately 25 to 35 minutes, also known as forced naptime. And let me say, this morning’s forced naptime. was. glorious.


Facebook and Politics for the lulz

There are those Teapartiers on your newsfeed that you always suspect don’t fully understand their positions…. And then an application like Facebook just makes it so much easier to confirm that suspicion when they press “like” on an article that not only disagrees with but outright debunks their position simply because they misunderstood the title, proving once and for all that they share articles only in an effort to appear as informed as their opposition.

And then once being called on it:


Obligatory Introduction Post

I’m fickle, I’m curious, and I like to try new things. This means I sometimes pick up a hobby only to put it down again and move on to something else. Before I die I’d like to have tried just about everything that would ever interest me.

While I do this in sufficient quantities sometimes, I think chronicling the efforts will do two things: One, get me blogging again, which is sorely missed. Two, keep me motivated and continually doing the new things currently tantalizing me in the back of my mind. I feel myself slipping into comfortable monotony and settling for familiar, easy activities like Netflix and cleaning.

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