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Jigsaw Puzzling

Call it an old-fogey hobby, but I have a soft spot for a good jigsaw puzzle. It was a favorite of mine when I was younger and had no personal industry or entertainment recourse outside the home. Now that I have all those things, jigsaws have escaped my mind. THE HORROR! So, at New Year’s I bought an antique world map jigsaw puzzle (1000 piece only. What an ameteur move, I know….), and Matt¬†and I went about the three week undertaking to assemble it.

4 admired historical contributors, numerous biblical scenes, and an unsaid number of tiny sea vessels later, we had a completed puzzle on our hands!

But to disassemble it would be akin to saying it never happened. What’s a puzzle-assembling duo to do, then? Glue it together and frame it, obviously. Now the apartment has a large antique map on the wall to welcome visitors into our home and into the 18th century.

Anecdotal fact: Did you know that ordering a custom frame at Michael’s is abhorrently expensive? Hatred…..

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