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Frootcamp: Week 12, Watermelon

Ah, watermelon. Wherefore art thou fruit? A food by any other name would taste just as sweet….


I guess it’s official. This project has produced three or valuable experiences that lend to long term change: the regular (read: DAILY. Yeah, for real) consumption of bananas, apples, and now watermelon. Once there’s three fruits I tolerate on a regular rotation, I can no longer label myself a fruit hater, right? Touche, Frootcamp project…. well played.

Watermelon has no fat, saturated fat, sodium, or cholesterol, and it tastes just fine–like a watery diet food that’s actually edible. I don’t think there’s a single downside to this fruit. It can even be carved into badass shapes. …….Have I met my match?

This is how I imagine watermelon’s reaction when I bought it for the second time: I’m a fruit, and you love it! ……..Β dealwithit


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